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Product Description

1 Meter Van Damme Standard 75 Ohm Plasma Grade Video Coax is a high resolution cable designed for use with analogue video signals. Precision performance is combined with flexibility usually only found in microphone / AV inter connects cable resulting in an excellent AV cable for dynamic use in the broadcast, audio visual and presentation markets.
Analogue video transmission up to 100 metres
Suitable for SP Dif digital audio and word clock
Can be used with serial digital video transmissions up to 138 metres

MPTE 259
Data rate (clock) 143Mb/s 177Mb/s
1⁄2 Clock Rate 72MHz 89MHz
transmission length 212m 191m
Data rate (clock) 270Mb/s 360Mb/s
1⁄2 Clock Rate 135MHz 180MHz
transmission length 159m 138m
Mechanical specification
Conductor Material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper
Stranding 7x 0.20mm (0.22mm2) AWG 24/7
Dielectric Material Polyethylene
Average thickness 1.55mm
Diameter 3.73mm ± 0.03
Screen Material Bare oxygen free braided copper wire
Coverage 95%
Dimension 16x9x0.12mm
Overall Jacket Material Flexible PVC
Average thickness 0.95mm
Overall diameter 6.15mm
Bend radius 15 x overall diameter
Cable weight 51 Kg/Km
Physical properties
Jacket (at 60ºC) Tensile strength > 10 N/mm2
Elongation >125%
Heat shock test 150°C x 1 hour / No cracks
Electrical Specifications
Resistance Conductor 85 Ohm/Km
Shield 13 Ohm/Km
Insulation > 5000 M Ohm/Km
Voltage test 7000V DC 1 minute OK
Capacitance 67 pF/m
Velocity of propagation 66%
Impedance at 10MHz 75 Ohms ± 2
Attenuation 10 MHz 4.21 dB/100m
100 MHz 13.32 dB/100m
135 MHz 15.08 dB/100m
180 MHz 17.42 dB/100m
200 MHz 18.36 dB/100m
400 MHz 28.11 dB/100m
743 MHz 38.31 dB/100m

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Van damme 75 Ohm Plasma / Video / Sub Woofer Coaxial Cable (per meter)

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